Baby #2 18 Weeks


Dear Baby,

This week went by extremely fast! You’re about 5 1/2 inches long and about 7 oz right now. I continue to feel your little movements from time to time, mostly while I’m laying down and not distracted by anything. They’re always fast and very sporadic little jabs but they always make me smile and feel confident that things are going well in your little cocoon.

The past few weeks have been interesting for me. Throughout the 2nd trimester I’ve had several moments where is just feel off. I don’t feel dizzy and that I’m going to pass out, but just get on overwhelming sense that I need to sit down and rest for a moment or two. Typically this happens in the morning while I’m getting ready for work. I had been blaming it on the fact that I hadn’t eaten in 12 hours but I’m not so sure that is the case anymore. I’ve also noticed that I’m always very thirsty or like I don’t feel like I can get hydrated. I’ll chug 8 oz of water and still feel thirsty like I hadn’t drank anything. Then this past week or so, I’ve just felt off. The only way I feel like I can describe it is I feel like my body is missing some kind of nutrient or vitamin. I even went and drank some naked juice on a couple of occasions to see if that would make me feel better and give my body some nutrients that I felt I was missing. Finally, Saturday morning, I was drinking some juice and ate a muffin and felt worse than I did before and was just like, this isn’t right. Maybe my body had the nutrients I needed, but wasn’t processing sugar right? Maybe I have gestational diabetes??? I did a little reading on good old ‘Google’ and learned that being thirsty is a ‘symptom’ of gestational diabetes and drinking juice and eating muffins are some of the worst things for you. So, I’m working on controlling my carbs for a couple of days to see if I feel any better but will call the Dr. too just to see if she thinks I should come in and get anything checked out.

In other news, I’ve had a few flickering moments of heartburn and feel I’m just rounding the corner of beginning that experience again. I also weighed myself  this morning and I don’t remember what it was last time, but I’m up 8.5 lbs since I first found out…not to bad, I just hope I can maintain that slow gain.  I also felt the hardness of a belly for the first time this week and am noticing sleeping on my stomach is getting a little more uncomfortable. When I lay flat on my tummy, I can feel your little bump producing into the mattress, but if move my legs just a little, my body adjusts just enough where I can’t feel you and can soundly snooze away. I’m really hoping I can make it to 20 weeks of stomach sleeping so I’ll only have 20 weeks of uncomfortable sleeping.

I don’t think I’ve talked about gender at all to you yet. I’m 98% confident you are a boy. From the moment I knew I was pregnant, I had a very strong intuition that you were a boy and I haven’t had any wavering moments. When I go to the store or am shopping for clothes for your sister, I look at little boy clothes for you or blankets etc… In my opinion, this is a somewhat scary mental state because I am always wrong in my predictions. I just can’t comprehend the possibility of you being a little girl. Don’t get me wrong, I would love it if you were a little girl because I would love for Lexi to have a little sister and if you are a little girl, to have a big sister to look up to that you’re also close in age to, but at this point it seems comical that you could possibly be a girl. Daddy thinks you’re a girl, but I think that he just thinks that because it is important to him to have a boy to pass his name along to and have a little boy to enjoy fun boy things, even though Lexi enjoys more stereotypical boy things like airplanes, trains, cars, motorcycles etc… In the end we just pray that you are healthy, boy or girl.




Baby #2 17 Weeks

Dear Baby,


Picture: Hard to see the bump given the dirty mirror and lighting, but I assure it is there.

17 weeks! Wow time is flying by, yet still so much time to go. This past week was good. We had our 16 week appointment on Friday and everything looks good. You have a nice strong heartbeat at 145. Dr. G is also back from her maternity leave so it was good to see her and catch up a little bit.  I have been questioning feeling your movements for a couple weeks, but last night while watching TV, I was confident enough to say that is official movement and not just a gas bubble in my stomach. It is such an exciting milestone to reach and good confirmation moving forward that things are good in your little cocoon.
According to the doctor’s office, I’m up 4 lbs, but according to the scale at home I’m up 8-9 lbs since I took the pregnancy test. Overall, I feel really good, but am just mentally struggling with the current growth and clothing stage that I’m in. My belly is getting to the point that many of my regular shirts are too short, but maternity shirts are way too big. I don’t really look pregnant or have a round hard belly, I just look fat. Particularly above my belly button. I feel the mid-section of my stomach is sticking out way further than it should considering your location and it just looks like I’ve put on 15-20 lbs. Not fun. I’m definitely looking forward to having a hard round belly verses a soft and pudgy one. I’m still hungry all the time but no major cravings or aversions at this point.
On the home front, we are continuing to get Lexi’s ‘Big Girl Bedroom’ ready for her to move into it so we can be all ready for your arrival. So far, she loves it and asks to sleep in there all the time. However, I just don’t think she is ready to leave the confinement of her crib. We need to work with her on going to sleep better and who knows, she may be in a crib when you arrive. Right now, she cries a lot (especially for me) when she goes down for bed and puts a death grip around my neck and waist with her little legs. If she wasn’t ‘trapped’ in there, I’m not sure she would ever go down. Next up for her room is getting some curtains hung, and Grandma B is making some pillows and a book shelf for her and then we’ll need to get some photos on the wall and have Daddy paint some hearts and frogs to match. Other than that, Daddy and I photographed our last wedding of the year and it feel good to be done with that! He still has a lot of work to do, but the physical part is done.
According to the app, your 5 ounces and 5 inches long now and your cartilage is starting to turn into bone. We’ll also be making an appointment for another ultrasound for the first week of November and we’re excited to see you! We haven’t decided if we’re going to find out if you’re a boy or a girl yet, but are leaning towards being surprised when you arrive!

Baby #2 15 Weeks

Dear little Rookie,

We’ve hit a fairly uneventful point of the journey. I’m feeling good and your busy growing! There have been a couple of moments where I question feeling your move. I haven’t definitively said, “Yes, that is the baby moving,” but there have been lots of flutter-type movement. Other than that, the only other thing to report on this week is some strange cramping or almost Braxton Hicks feeling contractions. There are times where my belly just hurts and I don’t remember that with Lexi so I’ll ask the doctor next week. My belly is definitely growing, but it doesn’t look like a cute round belly, yet. It just looks fat, particularly the area above my belly button. I’m in maternity pants so I’m ready for the belly to grow and to look pregnant and not just that I’ve eaten way too many donuts. Not much else going on in the word around us.



Baby #2 13/14 Weeks

Dear Baby,

This week went by in a flash! We had your first trimester prenatal screening and although you were a little un-cooperative, so far you are looking to be a healthy little bug. You continue to measure a little big, but your guess date of arrival continues to be March 3rd. During our first attempt you were cozy as could be in your little position in my belly and just didn’t want to move for the nurse to get the correct measurements. They were doing all sorts of tricks to get you to move like having me roll from one side to another, tipping me backwards so I was almost upside down, drinking water, doing jumping jacks, going to the  bathroom and nothing seemed to do the trick. So, I had to go back again the next day, which actually worked out really well. Due to a variety of reasons, Daddy wasn’t able to make it to the first two ultra-sounds, but he was able to make it to the second one, so he finally got to see you. We were even able to bring Lexi with us so she could see you.

This week, I also celebrated my 29th birthday, took you to the fair and enjoyed some quality time with Daddy and Lexi. We’ve been busy working on the basement and Lexi’s new room so by the time you arrive, the house should be in good working order, at least that is the my hope!

In other news, this week I think I jumped pass the sickness nauseous stage. I don’t seem to have too many issues when I wake up in the morning or in the evening. I also don’t feel as hungary as I was and thankfully don’t need to eat every hour anymore. I’m still pretty tired on work days and would prefer to take a 20 minute nap/rest when I get home, but I don’t need them like I did in previous weeks. I haven’t been weighing myself regularly, but still fluctuating between 2 and 4 lbs., although I feel like it looks like I’ve gained 10. I’m mostly in maternity pants, but have one pair of shorts and found a pair of regular jeans I can wear (although they weren’t very comfortable).

I think most family and friends know about your impending arrival and are very excited to meet you. We’re also officially into the 2nd trimester! You’re about 3 1/2 inches long, can suck your thumb, frown, squint, pee and your liver is producing  bile and kidneys making urine.

I’m also going to start taking weekly belly pictures next week. Although I’m no longer able to fit into my regular pants, it doesn’t feel like my belly is growing at rapid paces so it will be interesting to watch and compare from week to week.

Love, Mama


Baby #2 12 Weeks

Dear Baby,

We’ve hit 12 weeks little babe. Daddy and I visited the doctor and all is good. You have a strong and steady little ticker, beating at 155-160 times a minutes and all else is status quo. I continue to feel up and down with the biggest symptom being fatigue. I’ve made a much better effort to get to bed earlier and it seems to help me a lot in the morning, but continue to be pretty tired in the evenings and need a quick 20 minute rest when I get home from work. I put away all my non-maternity pants last weekend and received a few new things from Gap. Still working through them to figure out what I want to keep and what I want to return. It feels trickier this time around as I don’t think pants that fit me now will fit me in Jan and Feb. The news of your impeding arrival continues to slowly get dispersed among family and friends.  I didn’t gain any weight, which was great and surprising especially considering I eat every hour! (not exaggerating).  That is all little one, at this point, it is a good thing there isn’t more to report!



Baby #2–11 Weeks

Dear lil’ nugget,

There has been so much change over the last couple weeks. For starters, you’re continuing to grow as fast as a race car. You’re approximately 2 inches long, are growing hair, fingernails and have distinct human characteristics including hands, feet, fingers, toes (non-webbed), ears, nose and a mouth. I can also feel my body starting to grow. I think I’m definitely starting to show and can feel a little hard belly and the discomfort that comes with that when I bend over. I wore a maternity skirt for the first time last week and could not button my pants at work yesterday. This is so much different than with your big sister. I don’t remember needing to wear maternity pants until I was 16+ weeks and wasn’t really showing until after 20 weeks. I feel large already and am nervous what that means for the rest of pregnancy.

Other notables: I’ve gained 4 lbs. so far, meat isn’t appetizing, pop doesn’t sit well and am blown away at how much plaque my teeth develop each day (it’s disgusting really).

I also started a new job last week. I was really nervous starting a new job and being pregnant, but I really like it so far and think I made a good decision in making the change. We’ve also started to share the news of your impeding arrival with many more people, which is also a deviation from the first time. I have a feeling you are going to be so different from your sister and you’ll want everything, including this pregnancy to be different and distinctly you.

Love, Mama

Baby #2–9 Weeks

Dear little babe,

This past week has been pretty good! Your big sister was getting over a summer fever sickness and bad rash that kept us on her toes, but now she is all in the clear. We also spent some time up at the b-well cabin on Lake Superior. While up there we shared the news of your upending arrival with Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Joe and Auntie Angie. Grandma and Grandpa were very surprised and Joe and Angie suspected that you may be coming.

Overall, I’m feeling pretty good. I only had to take one nap this week and feel like the extreme exhaustion has passed. I feel much more confident after our appointment last week, but it still feels so different than my pregnancy with Lexi it makes me a little nervous.

1st Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms with Lexi:

  • Extreme EXHAUSTION (naps everyday after work, nap in the closet while getting ready for work in the morning, going to bed 2 1/2 hours earlier each night, non-funtioning at work from 3:00 on.)
  • Sore boobs
  • Nausea
  • Gagging while brushing my teeth
  • Food aversions: Eggs, Buffalo sauce
  • Food cravings: McDonalds & Strawberries
  • Extreme excitement and constant daydreaming about you

1st Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms with Baby 2:

  • Tired (but not nearly as bad as I was with Lexi and it only really lasted two weeks)
  • Face breaking out more
  • Food aversions: hamburgers (they don’t sound good, but I still can eat them if I have to)
  • Gaining weight faster (I’ve gained 2 lbs. so far, Lexi I didn’t gain a pound until I was 16 weeks.)
  • I can feel the hard belly starting to form, and am uncomfortable when I bend over.
  • A little panic of ‘what are we getting ourselves into?’ Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled to be blessed with you and wanted you and prayed for you, but I do have moments here and there where I’m ‘GULP, am I ready for this again? The pregnancy discomfort, labor, learning how to nurse again, the lack of sleep and just generally starting all over again.’

I know I need to stop complaining and should consider myself lucky, and I do, but I also want to be real about these moments and remember the true emotions I experienced. Because I physically feel different, emotionally I’m in a different place and am pre-occupied with big sissy, the reality of you just hasn’t set in yet. I feel like part of me is still waiting for something to go wrong. I know the likelihood is pretty small, but I just haven’t been able to let myself get there emotionally yet.

Additionally, this is my last week at UnitedHealthcare. Next week, I’ll be starting a new job at Best Buy! Lots of change is in the air my dear little babe. Cheers to hoping these last 4 weeks of summer slow down a bit and I’m able to get over this odd hump!