Big Sister

Little love bug,

Congratulations my sweet bug, you are a big sister! You’re just over a month into your new role and absolutely adore that little brother of yours (as we all do!). You love to give him kisses and hugs. The hugs are a little rough, but you just want to squeeze all your love into him so we try to remind you just to be gentle instead of yelling at you for being too rough.

You’re constantly asking, “Where’s buddy? What’s buddy doing?” and want to see him first thing in the morning. You’ll often go to his door before mama and dada’s. You also like to get right up in his face. Literally nose to nose and say ‘He’s wooking at you.’ You often ask for him to open his eyes if he is sleeping and like to beep his nose. For the first month, you were just about giving hugs and kisses and looking at him, but around 1 month, you started requesting to hold him.

Untitled It is been interesting you watch your reactions to him change over the the past 5 weeks. Your first visit to the hospital, you didn’t give two hoots about him and were much more interested in playing with the buttons on the hospital bed. Subsequent visits to the hospital showed a little more interest as you were asking ‘Who is that? What is she doing’ (you referred to him as a she for the first week 🙂 Then every week or so, you’ve shown more interest in him and now you just can’t get enough. Although you do know his name, you almost solely refer to him as ‘Buddy’ and will occasionally call him brother. When someone asks you his name you say Buddy. I’ll follow up and say, ‘What’s his other name?’ and you shyly respond, ‘William’. Untitled

You love to help mama take care of brother too. You received a ‘Big Sister’ book from Kelly and you love to read it and help me with things they mention in the book, like taking a bath, singing songs to William when he is crying (Twinkle Twinkle, Baa Baa Black Sheep and Rock-a-bye-Baby) and practicing tummy time. Upon completion of your task, you’ll tell me, ‘I help, just like Big Sister book’.

As you’ve watched Mama and Dada care for brother, you increased your nurturing tendencies tenfold. You’ve shown much more interest in your baby dolls and feeding them and naming them (Baby Molly), but most of the time you prefer to take care of Girafee. You love to put him into the swing, strap him into the carseat and often tell us you need to change him. You’ve even taken care of Mrs. Potato head. She fell off the table and you ran to get her, cradled her in your arms and said ‘It’s Ok ‘Tato. It’s Ok.’ as you slowly rocked her back and forth. My heart fell out of my chest when you did this. So sweet.


Through all your sweetness, you’ve also shown us some sass, stubbornness and independence. You’re struggling with the lack of attention that Dada and I are able to give you. You’ve had more potty accidents than normal, and just straight up don’t listen. It feels like the lack of listening happens most frequently when I can’t do anything to stop you. Example, I’ll be feeding William on the couch and you’ll climb up on the counter and open the cupboard doors to find yourself a snack. We tried to put you in time out, but you thought it was funny and laughed while you were there, you little stinker! You also love to steel William’s pacifier. I’ll be changing him, and it is sitting on the floor next to me, you’ll come and snatch it up, run away with it as I request to bring it back. It is slightly maddening you little one!


Thankfully, you haven’t made the connection that William is the reason that you have less attention and you haven’t taken your frustrations out on him in any way. Occasionally, you’ll tell me to put him down that he isn’t hungry or he doesn’t need to burp, but for the most part you just love him beyond words.


As a result of your frustrations, I decided to take you out for some special Mommy-Lexi time. We went to a little music class and then to an indoor play ground at the Learn and Play Cafe. You were devastated that William wasn’t coming with us and kept asking where he was.


Mommy is so proud of you sweet girl and how well you have adjusted (are adjusting) to this big transition. You are probably adjusting to this transition better then I am. I love watching your nurturing side come out and hearing you talk to your babies and toys as you take care of them. It is so sweet and just makes me a puddle of mush.





Sweet Girl,

I swear I haven’t forgotten about posts for you. I have drafts of your monthly posts all the way from August that I need to publish. They are just more involved and I need to find time to finish them.

In the mean time, a few funny things about life with you as of late.

As I was setting the Christmas tree up and put the first section into the bottom stand and the branches bounced down, you exclaimed–“Wook Mama, tree has wings!”

Also in relation to Christmas, we have some metal reindeer that sit near the fireplace and they have some bells around their neck. When you first noticed them, you excitedly told me, “I jingle their balls.”

You’re very confident that the baby is going to be your sister and when we ask you what we should name her, you just say ‘Girl’. Along those lines, over the past few days, with no prompting on my behalf at all, you like to tell me the things you’re going to share with your sister. Randomly, you started talking about how you were going to share books with sister and your pals. I asked if you were going to share Giraffee with your sister and you responded sternly, ‘No, Giraffee mine’.

You love anything and all things trains these days, and every train is named Thomas.

IMG_4462 IMG_4489

You learned how to open doors this week, which has made things a little more interesting as it is harder to keep you out of certain areas. While celebrating Christmas with Daddy’s family, you opened the door to the basement and went down their to get a toy. I saw that the door was open and the light was on, but didn’t hear any activity going on down there so I shut off the light and closed the door. I quickly learned that you had been down there. Thankfully, you went to the stairs, turned the light back on and came up and started banging on the door. Because the height of the stair is lower, you can’t reach the door handle. I felt pretty terrible about that, but was glad you didn’t freak out at all.

This is your second night sleeping in your big girl bed and so far so good! You haven’t gotten out yet–just gone straight to bed.


You can say your ‘L’s but most of the time they come out as ‘W’s’. ‘Wook, Wexi, Wight, Woud, Wips’

Grandma B gave you a Santa nesting doll and you love to play with it. For some reason, you refer to the smallest one as ‘Baby Boy’.

We had some Christmas show on one morning and Santa came on the screen and you stood up on the couch started clapping your hands and saying ‘whaa-whoo’ ‘Whaa-hoo’!

Thats all for now my love bug. I have so many more thoughts for you around becoming a big sister and how our relationship is going to change. I’ll find some time in the next couple weeks to share.




Christmas 2014

Sweet Babes,

Merry Christmas.


This is officially you’re third Christmas, but the first one where you sort of got what was going on. We had all sorts of celebrations with families and were very busy. The first was with all of mommy’s aunts, uncles, cousins and their kids on papa’s side of the family. I think there were over 80 people there! Santa came to visit you and all of the other great grandchildren. You were pretty scared of him and refused to sit on his lap. It didn’t help that he arrived just as we got there so you were a little overwhelmed in general but after the fact, you talked about him and continued to tell me how much fun you had. The following day, we celebrated with papa, grandma B, and your auntie She-She, Dustin, Uncle Joe-Joe and Auntie Angie. You had a ball playing with papa and brought every gift that anyone opened to show him. IMG_5125

IMG_5124 IMG_5122

IMG_5116 Then on Christmas Eve, we went to church. You did pretty good with the exception of needing to go to the bathroom twice during the service. Then we went to celebrate with mommy’s aunts, uncles and cousins on mommy’s side of the family. You loved playing with your girl cousins and had fun singing and dancing with them. IMG_5130

On Christmas morning, you slept until 9 am (even though I was up at 7:30 and excited for you to wake up). As we went down the stairs and you peeked through the spindles on the stairs and saw all the presents under the tree, you said ‘Oh my! Oh my goodness!’ So sweet. The opening was a little different than what I expected. We had to keep putting presents in front of you and try and get you to open them. You weren’t too interested. You mainly wanted to play with the toy kitchen from papa and grandma that we had set up.

Untitled Untitled

Untitled After a nummy breakfast, we spent the entire day in jammies and playing with your new toys. You loved all the extra attention from mom and dad as we sat down and played with you and weren’t distracted with other house chores as we normally are on a regular day. Untitled

Untitled Finally, on the day after Christmas, we had Daddy’s mom and dad, sisters, cousins and grandparents over. The boys played hockey and you and Ashley and Courtney had so much fun playing legos. Through all of these celebrations, you were spoiled with gifts–but a few of your favorites have been your train set, new Thomas books and your toy kitchen (and food). In addition to the actual celebrations of Christmas–you have really gotten into singing some Christmas songs, specifically: Jingle Bells, Rudolph and You Better Watch Out. You know about 80% of the words and do a pretty good job singing them. You’ll even play your xylophone while you sing. You also loved all of the Christmas lights on people’s houses. As we would drive, you would get very excited and kick you legs and point and say ‘wook mommy, wook’. You also LOVED the train that went around the Christmas Tree and would ask to ‘wake it up’ about 10 times a day. You sat on the ottoman (Lexi’s seat, as you would call it) and watch it go around and around and around. It never got old. We also made and decorated some sugar cookies with Grandma’s help. You were sorta into it but were more interested in just playing with Grandma. Untitled


Merry Christmas love bug. I hope your excitement for Christmas continues to grow and you able to enjoy the magic of the season.



Lexi is 2!!

Happy Birthday my sweet Lexi!!! It is hard to believe you are already two, and at the same time that you are only two. You feel like you have been a part of our family forever and it feels like you are a lot older than two. I remember being in labor, the excitement, anticipation and series of events like it was yesterday.

Lexi 2nd Birthday 2014-2RT

You bring your Daddy and I so much happiness everyday. Daddy is constantly saying ‘I love the bunks.’ or ‘Lexi is the best/sweetest.’ or ‘I know it’s good for her to sleep, but I can’t wait until she wakes up.’ I couldn’t agree more. I always feel like I am racing to get home from work to see you and can’t get here fast enough. When I am home, I want to be with you whether it is putting you down for bed or being there when you wake up or even having you run errands with me. You have an infectious smile and giggle and the expressions you make and the way you talk with your eyes makes my heart dance with delight. You are a true sparkle of happiness in our lives and your grandparents and aunts and uncles. They love you and can’t get enough time to spend with you.


Your personality starts to come through more and more everyday. You look identical to me when I was your age (when you see pictures of me, you say ‘That’s Lexi’) but I think you have more of your Dad’s personality. You’re pretty shy with new people and new places but eventually warm up (and love to talk!). You’re are just happy and content with your simple little life. You definitely have a little bit of mine and daddy’s stubbornness in you and don’t seem to be a fan of change. You don’t like to change your clothes (and prefer to keep your jammies on all day) and don’t like getting ready to leave the house.

You are quite the chatter box. You talk in full sentences and it is a rare occurrence for us not be able to understand what you are saying. You love to chat to yourself, talk to your pals, announce what you see whether we are driving or what you see on TV or in books. You also are pretty good at picking up on phrases Mommy and Daddy commonly say such as: ‘how about’ ‘hey’ ‘be careful’ ‘get down from there’ ‘i love you’ ‘sweet dreams’ ‘see you later’ and ‘sure’ ‘don’t touch, only look’, ‘no jumping, only sit on couch’–you’ve even nailed the inflection. Some of my favorite things are when you say large words like ‘dangerous. quesadilla and patient.’

  • Favorite Books: Curious George, books where you need to find things and little princess books
  • Favorite Shows: Thomas, Frozen, Despicable Me, The Little Mermaid and Dinosaur Train
  • Favorite Foods: Anything sweet, Chocolate Milk, Juice, Mac’N Cheese, Raspberries, Blueberries, Yogurt, Popcorn, Ice Cream and Fruit Snacks
  • Favorite Songs: Let it Go, Thrift Shop, Shut up and Dance, Scalliwag, Everything is Awesome
  • Favorite Activities: Dancing, Running Fast, Playing with Pals, Bulldozer and Diggers, Reading books, Talking, Playing with Papa and Grandma, Taking Baths and Singing songs

You’ve been pooping on the potty for months now, but in the last week you’ve been wearing underwear every day and been doing a great job ‘tinkling’ on the potty. You’re even waking up dry from naps and bedtime. Keep it up big girl!


You can repeat the numbers correctly from 1-15, but I wouldn’t say you really grasp the idea of counting. When we ask you to count, you just repeat the numbers, but don’t necessarily look at the grouping of items and put a number with each object. We’re working on you ABC’s but about 8 letters in you forget the order.

You continue to be a rockstar sleeper. You go down for bed between 9 and 10 and wake up between 8 and 9. You also will take a nap from 2-5 everyday. Daddy and I love to watch you on the monitor when you’re waking up or as you’re falling asleep as you chat, sing songs, move about your crib and just generally be happy for 20-30 minutes before we get you in the morning or before you fall asleep at night.

You know about half of your colors. You’re very good at identifying pink and blue and get green about 80% of the time and red about 50%. You haven’t figured out purple, orange, yellow, black, brown and white yet.

We’re beginning to see what the ‘terrible twos’ are all about. You usually have some kind of tantrum every day. Some days there are many and they are dramatic, other days they are in-frequent and minimal. All of the time, they are about really trivial things like putting your boots on or not allowing you to play with chapstick. You definitely throw more of a stink for me than anyone else. Going to the bathroom and leaving the house are the most common reasons for you to have a tantrum and it usually consists of having your body become limp like a spaghetti noodle, kicking screaming and throwing your body in all directions to make it very difficult for me to get you to do anything. Sometimes, I just walk away and let you have your moment and within about a minute or so,  you come find me for some comfort. It is amazing that I can make you that angry, but you almost instantly forgive me and want some love from to console you.

Lexi, Daddy and I love you so much and feel so blessed to have you in our lives. We can’t wait to see what this next year brings you and how you are going to react to being a big sister.



Lexi 1 year 11 months (24 months)

Dear Lexi,

Your monthly letter completely escaped me. I took notes throughout the month, but procrastinated in writing it because, by gosh, you are TWO my sweet girl and don’t know how to articulate this happy, sweet, funny and smart little munchkin you’ve become. Three months later…here we are. The details and stories aren’t as vivid but I’m sure if you ever dare to read this 15 years from now, you’ll suffice.

Favorite memories:

Not necessarily a ‘favorite’ memory, but a huge milestone: you are officially potty trained. We put you in underwear over Thanksgiving break since I was home from work and had the time to work with you and bring you to the potty often. The first day was pretty rough. I think you had 6 accidents. I was ready to give up, but knew I needed to stick it out for a couple more days. Day 2 was a little better, maybe 4 accidents and by day 3 you maybe just had one. We didn’t necessarily use one of the ‘potty training methods’ out there as you didn’t react well to them when we tried back in August. This time, I just would very casually bring you to the potty every hour or two, and you always went. We didn’t make a big fuss about it or talk about it a lot–we just did it, and you seemed to respond pretty well to it. We also were only attempting to train you in the day, not for naps or night time, but after two solid weeks of waking up dry, we quit putting diapers on you. March update: you’ve had less then 5 night time accidents. Way to rock it my big girl! (minor note: You have a really hard time wearing any kind of character underwear as you get rashes on your bum–so we’ve stuck to the Gerber cloth type training pants and Gap)


We started a Mommy and Me swimming class this month. The first couple classes were a little rough as you had NO interest in doing what the class was doing and just wanted to play. The teacher was also requesting you to do pretty advanced tasks that you just weren’t capable of yet, but nonetheless, by the third week you were listening to the teacher and doing a much better job. One of the evenings, we stayed after class to swim and you blossomed. We were able to work on things like kicking and floating on your back and you rocked them. You also got comfortable going down the tot slide and probably went down it 30 times that night. To say you LOVED it was a complete understatement. I wish I would have had a waterproof camera to capture your big smile every time you went down.

I also took you to get your first haircut this month. The mullet had just gotten out of control and we needed some direction. We went to a specialty kids place, they put you in a little seat, gave you a sucker and let you watch Frozen. I wanted them to keep your hair as long as possible but get it out of your eyes and eliminate the mullet. They suggested bangs as kids your age have a hard time brushing the hair to the side. Even though I’m not a fan of bangs, the logic made sense and we went with it. You were terrified the entire time and kept wanting to give me hugs. And the amount of hair they cut was pathetic and totally not worth the $20. However, they did give you a nice little certificate with a little bag of your hair for your baby book.

IMG_4392 IMG_4393 IMG_4398

One night I had made Mac N’ Cheese for dinner and you and I were sitting at the table and for whatever reason I told you to take a ‘Big Bite’ but said it in a slightly lower octave and kind of loud and you thought it was the funniest thing you ever heard. You giggled uncontrollably, which of course prompted me to repeat this because that sweet little giggle of yours is seriously the happiest noise I’ve ever heard in my life. Thankfully, we got it on video, but this little saying has become a regular part of our vocabulary and has even stuck around 3 months later.


You LOVE to read Curious George. It is usually read every night before bedtime. You also love Frozen, Minions, Ariel and your little Princess Books. You refer to Despicable Me as Minions and New Minions.

IMG_8886 IMG_8729

You are amazed by Christmas lights on people’s homes. Whenever you notice them you yell ‘Wook at that mama. Wook Wook Wook!’

You absolutely adore Papa! You talk about him at home frequently and pretend to talk to him on your phone, specifically about how you’re going to eat Gum Drops and play diggers together. Whenever you see him your face lights up in excitement, it is so sweet!

You love to help Daddy shovel the snow. You chatter away while you’re out there, usually saying ‘I heping’

IMG_9003 IMG_8785 IMG_8777

We went to the Children’s museum for the first time this month and you are such a shy and timid little girl sometimes. You’re very polite and wait your turn for things, but then get frustrated and angry when the other kids budge in line or take things from your hands. You say ‘That’s Wexi’s’ and furrow your brows, but don’t ever take things from other kids or push. Part of me is happy that you’re so well behaved, but the other part of me wants you to stick up for yourself and not let other kids push you around. I hope that you’ll be able to learn do stick up for yourself yet still be the sweet polite little girl that you are.

Of course after the Children’t museum, you got a cold. You were pretty run down and fell asleep while watching one of your shows, (which never happens).


This month you’ve also learned to easily climb up and down the stools at the counter and sit and eat there occasionally.

Thats it my sweet girl. Officially, your last monthly post. I’ve loved capturing the past two years for you (and for me) and hope you’ll enjoy looking over these as you get older. We love you more than you will ever know.



IMG_4389 IMG_4383 IMG_4381 IMG_4379 IMG_4373 IMG_4369

Lexi 1 year 11 months (23 months)

Dear Lexi,

What an eventful month this has been, and I’m afraid, I don’t have too many pictures or things to report as Mama and Daddy were in Hawaii for 2 of the 4 weeks. Thankfully, that wonderful grandma of yours went above and beyond in volunteering to take time off of work and watch you for Mama and Daddy. I knew you would be in great hands with her but was very nervous leaving you for such a long time. I wasn’t sure if you would recognize that we were gone and feel abandoned or if it wouldn’t cross your mind. For the most part, I think you did fantastic. You didn’t ask about us and had lots of fun with Grandma, Papa and Auntie She-She, but there were some minor side affects to your behavior once we returned home. There were lots and lots and lots of hugs and kisses and snuggles for the days following, which was awesome. On the down side, I did think you felt abandoned to a small degree as you had several wake ups in the middle of the night crying for mama. As soon as I went and got you you put your head on my shoulder and went to sleep. We’ve worked through this and I think you’re in a much better place now, but still feel bad if we made you feel abandoned.

On a related note, Mama and dada were gone for 12 days and although we had a great time, it was just too long to be away from you. The last two days, I just wanted to be home and see you. I did pretty good for the first 6 days and then each day got a little tougher as I missed you more and more.

Favorite moments

One of my favorite moments this month was seeing you at the airport when we came home. Grandma texted me and said you were out in the car so I ran out to see you and you had the biggest smile on your face and were kicking your legs in your car seat and exclaimed, MAMA!!!! I picked you up and you have me a HUGE hug and just nuzzled your head into my shoulders. I brought you inside to see Daddy and you pointed and gave Daddy a big hug. You quickly came back to mama, and kept nuzzeling your head into my shoulder. I definitely teared up when I saw you and heard your little voice call my name. Your extensive love for both of us continued for several days with lots of hugs and kisses.

On the second night after returning from Hawaii, I was putting you to bed and you were not having it. You were very upset and trying to climb out of your crib. To help you settle down and actually lay down, I promised you I would lie on the floor and hold your hand while you feel asleep. Through your tears, you begged for me to sing twinkle twinkle. So there I lay on the floor and your little hand holding onto my pointer finger. After two rounds of the song you had stopped crying and were falling to sleep. I stopped singing and slowly pulled my hand away. About 30 seconds later, your little voice peeped up and asked to hold my hand and rolled over to the edge of the crib so your face was smushed against the crib slots. Once holding my finger, you requested more Twinkle Twinkle and it just broke my heart and I started getting very weepy. I felt so guilty for leaving you and causing you any anxiety that you may be experiencing. With my voice cracking and tears streaming down my face, I held onto your little hand made my way through the song and let you fall asleep. I’m not sure what it was about this moment, but I felt so vulnerable and responsible for you and just missed you so much–i just broke down.

IMG_4353 IMG_4350

The day after we got back also was Halloween. We’ve been attempting to practice wearing your costume throughout the month, but you just didn’t like it so I was a little nervous how the evening was going to unfold. We practiced trick or treating the night before upstairs. You went to each door in your costume and said trick or treat and than daddy or I would open the door and give you some candy. So that evening you were at least compliant in putt your your costume one. It was very cold and luckily, your winter jacket was the same color as your costume so we were able to put it on underneath to help keep you warm. Once the first round of kids came to our door, you wanted to go out with them and were all about it. Daddy took you to the first couple of houses and then came home. And then I took you out and we went all the way around the block. Oh my stars you were so cute and funny. The first house you went to with Daddy, you got a kit-kat and once it was put into your bucket, you looked up and told Lief and Karen, ‘Owww, that’s Mama’s!’. You did a great job saying trick or treat, and please and thank you to every house you went to. And in between houses you would have little conversations with yourself. You would repeat me saying, ‘What do you say?’, and then respond to your own question with ‘Tank you’. You held onto my hand the entire time and were just chatting away about the stars in the sky and the airplanes you could see. When we got to a street you would say, ‘Stop, ook for cars. No cars, et’s go!’ You would even comment about people’s grass and rocks by saying things like ‘Oww nice rocks’ as you walked over them. You were just too darn cute!!!

IMG_4366 IMG_4356 IMG_4362 IMG_4364

At the beginning of the month, you and I were outside and I was cutting all of our plants down for the winter and you were so good playing by yourself for at least an hour. You sat on the stones by the hose and played with a stick in the dirt. I think this moment sticks out in my mind because it was just another sign of how you’re growing up. Normally, you would be right at my side and wanting me to play with you, but you were so content on your own creating your own fun in the dirt. Your getting so big sweet one!


You continue to do a great job of letting us know when you have to go poop on the potty.

You often get the word ‘you’ mixed up with the word ‘me’ For example, you’ll request to be carried by saying ‘Carry-you’

You love to watch youtube videos of airplanes taking off and landing. In fact, Daddy bribes you with this when you’re going down for a nap that you get to watch one when you wake up.

You love to read Curious George, watch the minions and Frozen.

You’ve gotten more adventurous in the tub and will lay down on your tummy, put your face in the water and will even attempt to float on your back. Overall, you love the bath and you love to take showers with me.

You LOVE to show Daddy how you look. If we put a new outfit on or do your hair, you request that we go and show Daddy how you look.

While at Grandma’s house, you helped papa with work projects like raking the leaves, you would go to the park and swing at least once, sometimes twice a day, you would go and look at the diggers in the park, you went to the pumpkin patch and to the Zoo. While at the zoo, you were watching the polar bears and saw one of them poop and yelled out ‘Ohhh Poo-poo!’ You also would watch Thomas with papa and play cards with him every night. You had tea-parties with Auntie She-She and Grandma T and had so much fun!

IMG_4325 IMG_4326 IMG_4323 IMG_7785 IMG_7701

I can’t believe you’re going to be 2 next month!!!! We love you Lexi and are so happy to be back home with you.



IMG_4197 IMG_4194 IMG_4179

Lexi 1 year 9 months (22 Months)

My little love bug,

You really are the sweetest, happiest, most easy-going toddler I have ever seen. You LOVE to give mama and daddy hugs and kisses and do so, unprompted several times throughout the day. You just go with the flow, are a great sleeper and eater and have just blended into our lives seamlessly. I’m a little nervous how we’ll all react to a child that may not be any of these things.


Favorite Moments:

This has happened several times throughout the month, but to varying degrees. You and I were doing something in mama and daddy’s bathroom and daddy was working on the computer and he sneezed a couple of times. Without interruption of what you were playing with or looking up or anything, called out bless you for each sneeze and just kept going about your business. It was just funny how you didn’t hesitate and he couldn’t hear you, but you knew that’s what you say when someone sneezes. So sweet my little girl.


Dancing continues to be one of your favorite things to do. You love all and any music. Your favorite songs right now are Thrift Shop and Let it Go. If music is on, your dancing in one way or another. You’ll clap your hands to the beat (and are amazing accurate) bounce your head, move your hips or jump. I love that this is a theme that I continue to write about every month. I think next year we’ll put you in a dance class if you still seem to love it as much as you do now.

While Daddy is working, you love to come downstairs and play (and usually get into things). One day, he hears a thud and looks over the ledge and you had gone into the diaper bag, grabbed the changing pad, unfolded it, got a diaper and put your baby down on the pad and we’re attempting to change it’s pants. You’re going to be such a good big sister and I have a feeling want to always be helping mama.


Your long-term memory is getting much stronger as you recall things from a days or weeks ago and tell us about it. The most common story you like to tell us about is being woke up from your nap by Thunder. This happened at least a month ago, if not more, but you tell us about it several times a week. Whenever you hear a big noise, you tell us it is thunder. Then proceed to tell us words or phrases that help you tell a story. In this case it would be “Thunder? scary. i nap. boom. wake up. i scream.” Of course the expression and your big wide eyes that go along with this little story make it that much better. It is little moments like these that stand out to me and make being a mom so fun. It is so exciting to see the output of your brain developing and how much you’re growing and learning.

For awhile now, we’ve been trying to teach you that you if you aren’t in your high chair eating, you must eat at your table and not walk around the house with food. We frequently tell you that you need to chew and swallow before you can leave the kitchen and will have you go AHHH to check your mouth. In typical Lexi fashion, we were sharing an apple and you were at your table and I was sitting on the stool chewing and you had finished your piece got up, looked at me, pointed with your finger and in a very forceful and demanding voice told me chew and swallow. You’re a ham sweet girl and I’m glad all those times we’ve said it to you, it registered.


For whatever reason, you’ve decided that on the floor and in the corner of the couches between the ottomans is ‘Lexi’s spot’. You regularly have several blankets, pillows, pals and dump your whole bucket of toys there and like to make this little nest for yourself to play in. You play with the toys, pretend to sleep, watch shows etc… Its so funny that you’ve selected this little area and the moment we clean it up, you go and recreate the mess almost instantaneously.



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You have a slight obsession with trains–specifically Thomas the Train. Last month I bought some new books for you and one of them is an ABC Thomas the Train book and I kid you not, we probably read it 5-10 times a day. I think you honestly have it memorized. You refer to it as ‘All Aboard’ as that is the first line in the book, “A is for All Aboard.” We’ve only had it for a month, but it looks like we’ve had it for years as you take it to bed with you and everywhere you go in the house.

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Update on the potty training topic. Last month you had your little set back, but it only really lasted a week or so. You’re back to almost pooping exclusively on the toilet! Yeah!!! You have some unusual habits with it though. You don’t let daddy in there while you go, but you’ll let me in there as long as I close my eyes. You also like to hold my nose or hair while you go.

The weather has started to get a little colder and while we’re playing outside some nights you’ll rub your arms and shrug your shoulder and say ‘It’s chilly.’


You really like to go inside closets and close the door and then say ‘Where’s Lexi?’ Also, as you’re closing the doors, you remind yourself out loud to ‘watch your fingers’ to make sure they don’t get pinched.

You officially have a mullet. Your hair is getting pretty long in the back and longer on the sides. I’m not sure what to do with it. I don’t know if it is just a stage you need to go through so it can get long, or if we should get it cut.

You like to tell us when things are your’s. You’ll say ‘that’s Lexi’s’–specifically about chap stick, your palls, pillows, blankets etc…

You love to wear your jammies and tell us you’re going to keep them on when it is time to get dressed for the day. You also have an afinity towards polka dots (your definitely my child on this one). You always request to wear shirts that have polka dots on them.

This month we started drinking from a cup without a cover or sippy function and you are doing great!

You’re attempting to go down the stairs without holding onto a railing or spindel.

You love yogurt and call it o-gurt and request to eat it every morning for breakfast.

You are so close to counting to 10 by yourself. You easily count 1,2,3,4 get stuck on 5, but when we say it, you continue with 6,7,8,9,10.

You are so verbal and talk all the time and are turning more and more phrases into full sentences each week.

September was another great month. We love every part of you so much and are so grateful on what an easy addition you have been to our life.



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